Dong Gia Ceramics: Living with the Soul of Ceramics - Giải Pháp Nhà Hàng Khách Sạn Toàn Diện

Dong Gia Enterprise established in the Mekong Delta where we have been specializing in high temperature porcelain and stoneware glazes, celadons, black temokus, as well as copper reds and other natural compositions for high temperatures.

 A part of our creations are manufactured in Bat Trang Ceramics Village and the other parts are completely handicarfted in our workshop in Mekong Delta which permit us to propose a varity of unique ceramics for art of table, art of tea and interior decorations.

Apart from bowls and plates, tea pots and cups are Dong Gia's main line of products. These products are heated at a temperature from 1,280 to 1,300 degrees Celsius. This is the difference between Dong Gia ceramics and others.

If a manufacture knows how to cherish their products, there are no reasons why consumers would fail to realize the artistic value emanating from them. Vietnam's ceramics were once recognized by the world owing to the talent of our ancestors and their unique crafting techniques.

VIETSOLUTIONS is proud of being the Official Distributor of Dong Gia in Vietnam and the Representative of Dong Gia in Dubai.


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